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Writing and Editing


Need it all from scratch, or help filling in the blanks? We can accommodate any project of any genre. 

Articles, web copy, ad copy, blogs, social media posts, e-blasts, newsletters, letters to clients, resumes, cover letters, marketing pitches, SEO infusion, speeches, academic papers, legal documents, technical pieces, op-eds, mission statements, website overhauls, creative fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.


At Skybridge, we define “editing” as revising content and suggesting alternatives in order to improve the accuracy and overall readability of a document. Spelling, grammar, and formatting are thoroughly checked. 

Content editing is available upon request. (Examining the content of a document to ensure consistency, plot adherement, and overall flow.)


Proofreading should always be the final step before a document is published online, printed, handed in to a professor, submitted for a job application, or otherwise shared with its intended audience.

Here, we consider “proofreading” to be a more topical but extremely thorough assessment of spelling, syntax, sentence structure, grammar, and field-specific terminology.


Blog Post: “Chuck the Coffee: Eugeroics is Here…”

Attention all doctors, over-achieving students, and night watchmen: your lives are about to get easier. A new brand of “wakefulness” pills could soon be hitting the mainstream market.  Imagine swallowing a pill at 8:00 a.m. and heading out for 22 hours of work,...

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Blog Article: “Artificial DNA”

A million years from now, will our descendants still read works like Beowulf, Shakespearean plays, or even the Bible? Will they study any of the same mathematical concepts or scientific theories of today? If so, how will our data reach those future generations? It...

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Blog Article: “Pregnancy Massages”

Doctor’s Orders!  Carrying a small human in your belly for nine month is a joyous, magical, life-changing experience. It can also hurt. A lot. Your joints swell, your whole body feels like an un-popped balloon, and muscles you never even knew existed are brought...

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Academic, English/Philosophy

(Excerpt) The question of Sophie’s existence begs the question of the entire book, wherein there is not one conclusive answer. But if pushed, it can be argues that Sophie is imagined. If one were to follow Berkeley’s philosophy, then Sophie exists only because Knag...

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Marketing Pitch, Moving Company

Move. Rejuvenate. Upcycle.  Moving with FlatRate now helps make New York City a better place. Instead of lugging your extra, unused items from apartment to apartment, why not “upcycle” them for someone else to use? By upcycling, your extra belongings go to a new...

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B2B Communication, Hospitality Consulting Firm

Dear ( ):  I would like to take a moment to introduce De— — ——ts), a powerful service that evaluates and improves operational efficiencies across the hospitality industry.  High operational costs and renovations are factors that most significantly contribute...

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Client Outreach, Flower Company

Dear ( ),  Welcome to Bl—— —rs!  We offer you a warm greeting and extend our hope that you will thoroughly enjoy our services for years to come.  As a new customer, we wanted to take a moment to share a few important things with you.  At delivery,...

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Magazine Article for Kids: Learning Differences

We humans come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are great runners, while others would be content drawing for hours at a time. Your brother or sister might love carrots, while you would scream and run in the other direction if asked to eat one. Just as...

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Ghost Written Speech

For the LGBTQ community, fighting for equality means more than seeking basic civil rights; it seeks empowerment.  Finding a means to help the LGBTQ population succeed in an unjust society will inevitably prove beneficial for all of mankind, and empowering them to...

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Children’s Book Reviews, Children’s Lit Magazine

Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock, by Eric Kimmel  Anansi the spider tricks everyone around him into coming to his newly discovered magic rock, where they fall asleep so that Anansi can steal their food. After observing this from afar, it is ultimately up to the...

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Web Content, K12 Educate

Welcome! Are you an educator searching for the best available products for your school or district?  Or are you an educational company who promotes products to individual schools or districts?  K12 Educate produces presentation events throughout New England,...

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Product Description, Argan Oil

The secret of Moroccan Argan oil is quickly becoming recognized as the leading anti-aging and immune-enhancing product in the cosmetic and culinary world. For centuries, Moroccan women have utilized Argan oil as part of their cosmetic and cooking regimens, improving...

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Client Outreach, Boston Realtor

Dear ( ),  In this down economy, I’m sure you’ve heard more than your fair share about the ongoing housing market crisis. However, I wanted to take a moment to explain why buying a house in this economy can actually be extremely advantageous.  Foreclosures...

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Magazine Article For Kids: Junk Food Marketing

If you think about food commercials geared towards kids, what are some things that come to mind? Have you ever seen a commercial for carrot sticks or apples? Peanut butter on celery? Doubtful. That's because food companies make a lot of money selling very cheap,...

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